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Food Industry

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Robust Industry

Guangzhou Dawang Food Co. Ltd.

Tsingtao Brewery Co。Ltd.

Fujian food (zhangzhou) co., LTD

Shandong yinlu food co. LTD

Guangzhou dingyi food co. LTD

Lee kum kee (guangzhou) food co., LTD

Xiamen Yinlu Food Group

China Resources Snow Breweries Co. Ltd

Tingyi(Cayman Islands) Holding Corp.

Hunan wangwang food co. LTD

Shenyang wangwang food co. LTD

Jiangxi wangwang food co. LTD

Mingji food co. LTD

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  • Add:Lantian Indusrial Development District, Zhangzhou city,fujian province

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