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How to choose the type of the refregerated compressed air dryer?

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      When choosing dryer,firstly we need to consider the the dew point temperature required by customers,to decide to choose which kind of compressed air dryer.When the requirement of dewpoint temperature is above 0 ℃, we often choose refrigerated compressed airdryer. When requirement of dew point temperature is below 0 ℃, we often choose adsorption dryer, etc. 
     When we decided to choose refrigerated compressed air dryer, we need to grasp the state parameters of the compressed dried air:
1) The maximum flow; 
2) The minimum working pressure and maximum working pressure. If workingpressure is smaller, the water content of compressed air is larger. As for themaximum working pressure, it is from the safe use of the person's point of refrigeratedcompressed air dryer.
3) Highest inlet temperature, the higher temperature,the more moisture, heatload is the greater.
4) The dew point temperature requirements. 
The above four parameters determine the maximumload of the compressed air, which  is the basis to select the dryer. 
     After confirming the above parameters,we need to determine th air-cooling or water-cooling. Air-cooling refrigerated compressed air dryer has higher requirements for the environment, but having the advantage of easy installation, use to use. And water-cooling refrigerated compressed air dryer is not  sensitive tothe environment temperature, but demanding for cooling water, and is more complicated in installing-need to connect the cooled water pipe and cooled water towers. 

    In order to improvethe quality stability of the refrigerated compressed air dryer, usually incombination with relevant standards, climate and  user's request to standardize it.But in thepractical work, we provide parameters which may not be the same as marked on product specifications. At this time we may need to correct the parameters todecide on what type of refrigerated compressed air dryer  we want to choose.Correction parameters include:
1) compressed air pressure correction coefficient
2) compressed air inlet temperature and dew point temperature correction coefficient
3) environmental temperature correction coefficient (applicable to air-coolingrefrigerated compressed air dryer)
4) cooling water inlet temperature correction coefficient (applicable to watercooling refrigerated compressed air dryer)
    If you want specific method, please read the company directory.

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