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The summarize of the refrigerated compressed air dryer

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      Refrigerated compressed air dryer(hereafter refers to refrigerated compressed air dryer)summarization(classification and technical parameters)
     The compressed air, after compressedby the air compressor,cooled by thepost-cooler, seperated by the gas and water separator, stabilivolted by the buffer tank, is generally in the saturated state. The relative humidity is 100%, and it contains impurities such as oil,solid particles. This kind of compressed air cannot be used directly, and it needs to be dry-purificated. 
     There are three methods used for compressed air drying, they are:
1) using adsorbent to selectively adsorbent the water vapour the the compressed air. Such as adsorption compressed air dryer. 
2) using some chemicals’certain deliquescence character to dehydrate.Such as deliquescence compressed air dryer. 
3) usingthe character that the water vapor pressure in the compressed air is determined by the tempreture of compressed air to cool-dehydrated drying.Suchas refrigerated compressed air dryer. 
     In the above three kinds of compressed air drying equipment, the deliquescence compressed air dryer has been basically eliminated. The refrigerated compressed air dryer and adsorption compressed airdryer (hereinafter refers to "adsorption air dryer") are being widely used. 
Compared with adsorption dryer, the refrigerated compressed air dryer has the following features:

1)     No compressed air consumption - most users don’t have high requirement of compressed air dew point. If they use the  refrigerated compressed air dryer, it is more energy-saving than the adsorption dryer. 
2) No valve abrasion – There is switching valve problems in the adsorption dryer. Though there is valve parts in refrigerated compressed air dryer, but there is not valve abrasion problems.
3) Don't need to add or change adsorbent regularly.
4) Low noise during operation: There is noise when adsorption dryer adsorpt the tower pressure, but in air compressor room, there is generally no operation noise. 
5) Daily maintenance is simple. It is ok to clean automatic drainer filter net ontime.
6) Low requirement of the pretreatment of the air source. Generally, the common oil-water separator can meet the requirement of quality of the inlet air; 

Comparedwith the adsorption dryer, temperature of the air being treated by there frigerated compressed air dryer can be just above 0 ℃. So the gas drying quality is far less than adsorption dryer. In some application areas, the refrigerated compressed air dryer cannotmeet the requirement of the drying of the air source, such as pneumatic instrumentation, electronic factory, etc. 
    The refrigerated compressed air dryerin JS series can be divided into air-cooling type and water-cooling type according to the cooling type. It can be divided into high temperature airintake type  (below 80 ℃)  and room temperature air intake type (below 45℃) according to the inlet temperature. According to the working pressure, it can be divided into low voltage (0.3-0.7 MPa), normal (0.7-0.95MPa) and middle, high pressure (≥1.0 MPa) three types. 
Technical parameters of JS series are:
- processing amount (Nm3 / min); 
- inlet temperature (℃); 
- work pressure (MPa); 
- pressure (MPa); 
- compressor power or the whole machine power (Kw) - for air-cooling dryer, it includs the power of condenser cooling fan;
- cooling water consumption(t/h) or cooling air volume m3 / h; 
- pressure dew point (℃). 
    The pressure dew point is associated with the compressed air inlet condition, so usually we don't individually guaranteethe dew point temperature of the refrigerated compressed air deyer, but only indicate the dew point pressure in the certain working condition.

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