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How to correctly install filter to the air dryer?

Release time:2022-11-29sentiment:923

      From the atmogenic compressed air,there are liquid water, solid dust and oil, oil vapor, etc.If these impurities gointo the drying machine directly, it will worsen the dryer’s working conditions.
      Because the oil dirt contaminates theheat-transfer copper pipe in the precooler and evaporator, influences the heat exchange. Liquid water increases the work load of drier. The solid dust easily plug the drain, so generally a pre-filter is installed requirements in the inletof the dryer, which will seperates the dusts and oil/water to prevent plugging the drain. The pre-filter’s precision of filtering the dust does need to behigh. It is mainly used to filter the liquid water and oil dust.
      Whether to install the post-filteror not, it depends on the quality of the compressed air required by the users.For the gas using in average power, it is just workable to install the higher precision filter in the main pipe. If the gas using requires high, the user should install the corresponding oil-mist removing filter or the activated carbon filter.

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